Welcome to the Choices for Life Blog

We are excited to offer additional resources through our new Choices for Life blog! As you know, Choices for Life is a licensed Child Placing and Counseling Agency in both Oklahoma and Georgia. Our services go beyond to help break stereotypes, offer emotional support, and guide our clients through the process.

Many come to Choices for Life with the ambition to become a foster parent and to find the resources to be the best one they can or receive counseling services. We’re proud to launch our new blog in order to meet the demand for more resources and share the stories of foster parenting and counseling. 

The Choices for Life team will share two blog posts a month surrounding the very complex spheres of foster parenting and counseling. From the decision of wanting to become a foster parent to preparing your home and, of course, having the kiddo join you for the journey — we will be covering it all! 

Have an idea for a blog article? Share it below!