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What is Traditional Foster Care?

Traditional foster care is intended to be a temporary arrangement in which trained caregivers (foster parents) provide 24-hour-a-day care and in a home environment for children whose biological parents are unable to care for them. Reimbursement rates for foster care are based on a per-day rate based on the child’s age. This is what most people think of when someone mentions “foster care.”

What is the difference between traditional foster care and the other foster care programs Choices For Life provides?

These children need a steady and nurturing family-type setting where they can feel safe and supported as they work to be reunited with their birth family, prepare for adoption, or find another permanent placement.  Traditional Foster Care is a collaboration between Choices For Life and the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.  Children with behavioral and emotional needs are placed in Therapeutic Foster Care homes where they receive specialized care both from the foster parent and professional staff.  Intensive Family Treatment Care is a professional level foster parent who works with our team to achieve permanence through evidence-based treatment.

What are the goals of Choices For Life Traditional Foster Care program?

Our goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment to children who require out-of-home placement, and help them to grow while continuing to keep them connected with their birth family, friends and community. We are committed to helping children reunite with their birth families when possible and ensuring the foster families are given the tools to provide stable and caring homes for kids throughout the process.  For those who are not being reunited to their parents, the foster family assists with helping the child find permanence through other means, including adoption.

What are the expectations of traditional foster care parents?

  • Responsible, mature adult with a stable living arrangement.
  • Minimum of 21 years old.
  • Financial means to provide for the child.
  • Able to meet the needs of children to ensure they are healthy and feel emotionally supported.
  • Must be able to communicate openly with teachers, social workers, agency staff and other court personnel.
  • Ability to work with birth families and child’s community to help maintain family and cultural bonds with the end goal of family reunification.

What resources will be available to traditional foster care parents?

Resources available to the foster parent include 24/7 on-call support, additional placement stipend for sibling or multiple placements, access to individual and family therapy within the agency, dedicated support family resource worker, family referral bonus and assistance with respite arrangements.

Consider becoming a Choices For Life traditional foster care parent

The first goal for a foster child is to feel safe in a warm, nurturing environment that is able to provide for their physical and emotional needs. If you want to make a positive impact on a child in our community, contact us at 405-751-0800 or email  to learn more about becoming a foster care home and open the door for a child to be able to see his or her choices for life.

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