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What is Specialty Foster Care?

Choices For Life of Georgia’s Specialty Foster Care (SFC) program provides prescriptive care to families and children so that both can be restored to health and optimum use of the child’s and family’s strengths. It is specialized foster care for children and youth with multiple psychological, social and emotional needs who can accept and respond to close relationships within a family setting, but whose special needs require more intensive or specialty service than are found in traditional foster care settings. The additional needs of the child may require comprehensive support services, such as training, consultation and respite care for foster parents to prevent placement disruption.

We serve The Department of Human Services (DHS) special needs children, ages 0-21 years, which are in the lawful custody of DHS, who have been determined eligible to receive specialized foster services according to the medical necessity criteria. These youth may be in need of a bridge from, or diversion from an inpatient psychiatric setting or residential group care setting. Youth who are able to be cared for without direct nighttime supervision and who are able to maintain some self-control are more appropriately placed. Youth considered appropriate for services may exhibit any combination of physical and/or behavioral need.

What are the goals of Choices For Life of Georgia’s SFC program?

Central to the goal of the program, the agency will uphold policies and practices which support protect and nurture the child and their family (foster and birth) in the community through culturally competent education and intervention services, which prepares the child for skills necessary for increased developmental acquisition and environmental normalization.

The following components are some of the objectives necessary to meet these goals:

  1. Recruit, train and retain families that can assume professional membership in the team process of re-educating and treating children placed in their care.
  2. Provide ongoing support, education and constructive evaluation to the certified SFC family.
  3. Provide access to necessary clinical management/treatment for the child through routine counseling sessions, group sessions or psychiatric consultation when indicated.
  4. Organize and implement comprehensive interaction in the community for the child’s medical regime, educational services, developmentally appropriate recreational activities and individual religious practices.
  5. Maintain a pro-active system for both permanency and discharge planning involving the treatment team as indicated.

How do we achieve our goals?

Children who typically warrant specialized foster care are able to be cared for without direct medical or nighttime supervision and are able to maintain some self-control. Behavior Management services are provided in the least restrictive, non-institutional specialty setting. The SFC program is restorative in nature allowing children with emotional and psychological problems to develop the necessary control to function in a less restrictive setting, such as a successful family reunification, kinship home, regular foster care or adoptive home and, in some instances, independent living. The ultimate outcome of the program is to create a foundation for children and youth of long-lasting family and community connectedness, including skills that will be useful in the preparation for adulthood.

Consider becoming a Choices For Life of Georgia SFC parent

If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of children in Georgia, contact us to learn more about becoming a Specialty Foster Care parent and open the door for a child to be able to see his or her choices for life. Call the agency directly at 229-244-1707 or download and fill out the forms below and email our specialized Foster Parent Recruiter at

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