Simplify Your To-Do List for Small Wins ; Mother and two daughter doing laundry

Simplify Your To-Do List for Small Wins

Our days are filled with a list of to-dos, even down to the basic necessities and routines of daily living. We often face the stress and anxiety that accompanies the list of to-dos and don’t know where to start. As it’s easy to slip into a spiral of procrastination, it is best to just start somewhere. Writing down your list of to-dos is a great start for task anxiety. However, simplifying and breaking those to-dos down into smaller, manageable pieces can result in more tasks being finished, a framework of what all needs to be done, and a sweet dopamine boost of crossing off an item on your list. 

Turn Tasks Into Small Wins By Simplifying Your To-Do List

Subconsciously, we perform the smaller tasks without knowing it. “Getting ready” involves so many steps, but we often see it as one to-do, rather than viewing it as the smaller tasks — brushing your teeth, skincare, and getting dressed. Equally, the same goes for a day at the office. “Answer emails” can be broken down into smaller tasks — read new emails, reply to time-sensitive emails first, and star or mark the emails you can save later.  

If at any time you feel overwhelmed, uncomfortable, unconfident, or unsure of what move to make next, step back and look at your to-do list. Ask yourself: What tasks are a priority? What can be moved to another day? What can I delegate? What do I need help with? Monitor and adjust.

Additionally, reevaluate your list at the end of the week and take note of what was accomplished and what wasn’t. Consider making a smaller list next week that reflects a more realistic number of tasks you are able to complete, based on your time available. 

Take one step at a time and celebrate each completed task along the way!

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