About Your Site

The WordPress theme your site is built through is called Divi. It’s super flexible and quite frankly, awesome. The more you work with it, the more comfortable you’ll be when editing text, adding images, etc. You can access specific training videos and documentation on the different modules and options by going to Appearance > Divi Training in the lefthand toolbar.

This plugin has benefited me tremendously and I think it will for you too ???? 

To get you acquainted with Your Website and The Divi Builder, we’ve included a few general video tutorials. 
(The person in these videos is Josh Hall.  He is a well-respected designer/developer in the industry and we trust his tutorial videos specifically). 


Overview of Your Website and The Tools We Use


Overview of the Divi Builder


About WordPress

If you find yourself wanting to better understand WordPress or are wanting some more in-depth tutorials, I recommend this site: www.wp101.com. You can also google your questions on YouTube and often finds hundreds or walk-thru videos. But feel free to email me with any issues or questions you may need: admin@sasserdesign.com

About Your Dashboard

This is a custom dashboard page designed to give you direct access to basic training and fundamental knowledge about your website.  The traditional WordPress dashboard gives you a home page for analytics information and basic notices about your site.  We find it more useful to have that information handled in the actual analytics of the website; in areas such as Google Analytics which is included in a plug-in on your site.  You may find it useful to set up Google Analytics for your website, though it is not a necessity. There are many other maintenance and actionable aspects of a marketable website that you may find useful with a WordPress website.  Some of these aspects require a working knowledge of WordPress and internet marketing in order to be effective.

Yoast SEO
You also have a free version of a plug-in that has been activated for your website called Yoast SEO.  This is a very useful plugin for developing the SEO of your website.  You may choose to utilize this plugin moving forward for SEO purposes.  We can deactivate it and then delete it. (We recommend to always create a full backup of the website prior to any changes. It is extremely important and useful to have an up to date backup of your website in the event of a problem).

Duplicator Pro
This is a plugin used to backup your website.  We have downloaded and used Duplicator Pro while building your website.  We have not deleted the plugin in the event you would like to purchase a license for use with this website.  There are other plugins (free) that you can use to backup your site or you can do it manually.

Happy Forms
You have a forms builder for a couple of the forms used on this website.  The one used on your site is Happy Forms, this is the free version.  If you find that you need a paid version, (if you are using a marketing email agent to collect and manage email or marketing lists), then Happy Forms offers access with these agents. 

Divi Theme
You have 1 year of Divi updates and support included with your license.  The license is included with information you received accompanying your site transfer files.

Feel free to email me with any issues or questions you may need: admin@sasserdesign.com