Recruiter Spotlight: Crystal Money

This month on the blog we want to do a recruiter spotlight! Meet Crystal Money, she is our director of recruiting and training in Oklahoma for Choices for Life. Crystal Money has a degree in communications and spent her early career being a speech and theater high school teacher. She also has a background in sales and in adult education. She loves to teach others and see them succeed in whatever they put their mind to. What drew her to this position in particular was the training part of the job. Crystal quickly learned that her past jobs and experience had made her a perfect fit for this position at Choices for Life. She loves that she gets to play an important role in many childrens’ and parents’ lives. 


She has an immense passion for what she does, and she knows a good foster care fit when she sees one. She says that a great therapeutic foster parent is someone who is willing to give it all in order for a child to be successful. A good therapeutic foster parent is also willing to accept placement of certain children who may have behavioral issues and are willing to work through those things with the child. They stick with the child through the good times and the bad times and do not easily give up on them. Consistency is vital to any child in the foster care system, and a parent that is able to provide that is key.


Crystal’s absolute favorite part of her job is the people she gets to work with. She enjoys meeting new parents and helping them through the foster care process. It takes special people to be foster parents and she finds it quite enjoyable to see them through the journey and into making a difference with children. She loves it when they get their first placement and get to see the fruit of their hard work.


We couldn’t do what we do at Choices for Life without the help of Crystal Money. She is an immense help to us, and we are forever grateful for her. Thank you Crystal for all you do, and we are so excited to see you continue to blossom in this role here at Choices for Life. We know you have a bright future ahead, and we are fortunate to be a part of it. If you have ever worked with Crystal Money, make sure to reach out and say thank you. Crystal is a blessing to us and everyone around her.