Recruiter Spotlight: John Spangler-Day

We want to take a moment to introduce you to another one of our amazing recruiters, John Spangler-Day! John is a statewide recruiter and trainer. He loves his job because it allows him to do what he has always dreamed of doing, working with children and a variety of communities. He says his main goal is to make the world a safer place for children. We are beyond lucky at Choices for Life to have someone like John on our team of experts. 


Having worked in this industry for a while, John knows a bit about what it takes to be a good foster parent. He says, “A great therapeutic foster parent is someone who is willing to love, respect, and work with children from a variety of backgrounds. They are someone who is willing to help this child up from a low and scary point in their life.” We couldn’t agree more. Being a therapeutic foster parent is a tough job and it takes a special person to do it correctly. He also states that, “A great therapeutic foster parent is someone who will be there for a child through it all, the good, the bad, the fun, and the ugly. Someone who will support, love, and stabilize a child.” John is amazing at finding the best therapeutic foster parents for these children, he almost makes his job look easy! 


John says one of his favorite parts of his job is meeting unique and interesting people. John joined Choices For Life in 2020 and enjoys working to help people, raising awareness on LGBTQ+ rights, and working to help children create better futures. He loves that his job is never boring and that there is something new and challenging every day. John does not shy away from a good challenge, and we could not be more grateful for that. Choices for Life could not do what we do without John, or any of our recruiters. We want to take these recruiter spotlights as a moment to show our appreciation for them and all that they do for us. Thank you so much, John.