Mental Health Tips for Teenagers

Mental health is a huge issue that affects many people, but it can be especially hard for teenagers. The teenage years are often difficult and confusing with so much changing in the brain, hormones, and social life. It’s important to remember that you’re not alone during these years and there are ways to cope with your emotions. Here are some great mental health tips for teenagers!

Create coping mechanisms.

Whether you create a mental list of things to do when feeling sad or angry, draw pictures, go for long walks outside, write in your journal, or listen to music that makes you happy and calm down – it’s important to find ways that work best for you to deal with negative feelings so they don’t take over. You’re in control of your emotions.

Surround yourself with people that are healthy for you.

You deserve to have a support system of friends and family that makes you feel good about yourself. Find someone who understands your feelings. Whether it’s an online friend, a therapist at school, or a trusted adult outside the home, find someone who can listen when you need them to and help you figure out how to deal with difficult emotions.

Check out our Seven Challenges groups! The Seven Challenges Program is designed for adolescent substance abusing or substance-dependent individuals, to motivate a decision and commitment to change.

Practice daily affirmations.

Cultivate gratitude for yourself as well as the things and people you appreciate and rely on around you. What are you grateful for? If you’re having a rough day, take the time to think of something that made your life better. This will help remind yourself that not all days are perfect and there is always good in every situation. Take just five minutes on the bus or car ride to school and visualize your day as successful.

Living a healthy lifestyle helps keep your mind balanced.

We have the tendency of pushing people aside when we are upset or anxious which leads us to feel lonely and isolated from the world around us. One way is getting involved in activities that help us meet new people and keep those feel-good hormones like dopamine and endorphins flowin’!

It’s also important to focus on getting enough rest, water, and proper nutrition. When our bodies have what they need, everything else is that much easier. When you have enough sleep it’s easier to concentrate in school. When you are properly hydrated and nourished, your most creative and energetic self can shine.

Ask for help when dealing with mental health issues.

It’s okay to not be okay and we need each other. Seeking help is never a sign of weakness. It takes courage to ask someone for help, and it will always be better than continuing down the same path without assistance. Let people in your life know when you are struggling so they can be there to support you during this difficult time.

Choices For Life outpatient counseling proactively serve the changing physical and emotional needs of persons in a hurting society. We are prepared to assist teens with quality behavioral health rehabilitation services (BHRS), with areas of focus that include, but are not limited to, the client’s emotional, behavioral and educational needs, as well as most importantly, the centrality of family and spiritual values.

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